The Testimonies of young people who opted for the NGSE Esperience




I'm Andreas, a student of Architecture & Urban Planning. To broaden my horizons, I participated in the Rotary intercultural exchange, called NGSE (New Generations Service Exchange), which gave me the opportunity to be a guest in the FOA Studio Architetti Associati in Milan, which primarily deals with urban architecture, and to actively take part in the host family’s daily life. In the Studio, I was able to deepen the procedure for planning a completely new city in Mozambique. In addition, I had the opportunity to participate in a project at the Milan Polytechnic during a two-week workshop, as part of a reappraisal and an infrastructure renewal of the Alpine area of five countries (Italy, Germany, Austria, Slovenia and France). I would like to express my praise of the FOA and Rotary office members for such a fantastic experience.

Thank you very much, Andreas.



I landed at Guarulhos International Airport in February, the most vibrant time of the year for Brazilians because of the Carnival celebrations.I myself participated in the "Desfile": an iconic parade that takes place in the Sambadrom of São Paulo.

Some layers welcomed me into their law firms where I was able to learn analogies and differences between the Italian legal system and the Brazilian one. There I studied civil, business, employment  and health law. I attended courts, visited companies, a real estate agency, a notary's office and a construction company.

Rotary's NGSE program made me live in contact with the daily reality of those who live and work in Brazil, in a privileged way, as if I were one of them.

Grazie, Andrea.