Participants and Organization

Rotary offers a complete organization service, with particular attention to matching the applicant with companies and host families. Matches with companies are suggested based essentially on the participant's course of study. The preferences expressed as destination country are taken into consideration even if, for organizational reasons and in consideration of the academic and professional profile of the young person, alternative goals may be proposed.
Participants are from 18 to 30 years old, and must be enrolled in university courses or have earned an equivalent degree or diploma.
Participants must be residents in the territory of the Rotary District 2041, which include Milan, the metropolitan area around it and must always be presented by a Rotary Club, even if their membership in Rotary is not required. Participants are required to have a good knowledge of the language of the exchange country and / or of the English language and a good academic and / or professional résumé.
The NGSE program lasts for one to three months, depending on the availability of the hosting companies.The length of internship must be defined with the hosting District before the start of the exchange.