Documentation and Forms

The requests to participate shall be submitted exclusively by email, to, using the Application Form below. The request must necessarily be accompanied by a copy of the bank transfer covering administration fees, for an amount of Euro 400,00, credited to the bank account in the name of “Fondazione Scambio Giovani Distretto 2041", IBAN code: IT86 M010 0501 6000 0000 0017 644, stating in the object the name of the applicant and the initials" NGSE "with the year of the application (eg: Mark Phillips - NGSE 2022). The following forms must be filled in:

  1. Cover Letter
  2. Application Form
  3. Personal Data Disclosure
  4. Criminal Certification
  5. Family Commitment 

Candidates must be resident in the Rotary District 2041 which includes Milan, and the metropolitan area around it.

For Information:
Read carefully all the sections of the website where you will find many useful data.
For further information and help in filling in the documents:
District Secretariat 2041 New Generations Service Exchange:

  1. Mail:

Steps for joining the program:
Fill in and send the following documents via email to

  1. Application Form including the candidate's passport photo on page 1;
  2. Detailed RESUMÉ of the candidate;
  3. Receipt of the bank transfer of the first down payment
    All documents must be rigorously completed by computer (handwritten documents will not be considered valid for registration purposes);
  4. Complete and send by mail to the above address all the documents duly filled in (1, 3, 4 and 5);
  5. The transfer of the second down payment shall be made once the destination has been accepted, and the receipt shall be sent by mail to the same address.

How much does it cost to attend the program

The participants admitted only have to pay the following costs:
– roundtrip to the host country;
– enrollment in the program which includes medical insurance.
The program participant can stay at private facilities or in host families identified by Rotary. Any possible costs for board and lodging at private facilities will be at his/her expense.

In which Countries does the exchange take place

Worldwide (USA, Canada, South America, Taiwan, Mexico, South Africa, Europe ...) but the destination depends on the availability and résumé of the candidate.

Where will you stay

In Rotary and non-Rotary families or facilities, under the responsibility of the local Rotary Club.

Joining the program

Interested young people, residing in the territory of the Rotary District 2041, and with the appropriate qualifications, are invited to contact the district leaders of the NGSE program, and downloading the relevant forms, that have to be returned duly filled in to the references indicated on the site itself.
It is important to indicate the chosen country and the reason for your choice, which experience you wish to pursue, which skills you wish to develop, and attach your own résumé.



Cover letter of the application for enrollment in the NGSE program


Information and request for consent to the processing of personal data


Substitutive declaration of the certification of lack of criminal convictions


Commitment of the host family to accept the rules and requirements of the NGSE program

Application Form

Form to be filled it in its entirety and returned together with the other forms


Institutional leaflet of the NGSE program